social entrepreneurship
NGO NewDoor's capacity building for
the development of social entrepreneurship
With the support of the "Active Citizens' Fund" program, the project "Promotion of Sustainable Development of the NGO NewDoor" will be implemented. The objectives of the project are: to stabilize the association's financial flow; build international experiene exchange; train employees; enhane unions activity and communication plans as well as further advance the social entrepreneurship accelerators program.

In order to achive the goals, NewDoor will implement the following activities:
  • evaluate progress and processes done so far,
  • update the strategy and action plan,
  • take measures to stabilize the financial flow,
  • participate in events / projects of networks of international organizations,
  • undergo staff and managment training
  • establish and implement the communication and public relations plan,
  • improve the training materials of the startup acceleration program
Find out more about the AIF and NewDoor project HERE.
NewDoor 2021 graduates present 12 social business projects
The 6th social entrepreneuership accelerator "NewDoor" has been completed. 12 social projects and 19 participants have graduated from the program.
Thanks to the support of the British Council in Latvia and the US Emabssy Riga, the most perspective projects received money prizes for their start fund.
The Most Promising Project prize was given to Aija Vule's company "Kustības brīvība" (Freedom of Movement). It develops innovative ideas for active recreation by the water for families where one of the members has a movement disability.
The Social Impact Award went to two projects - Sober Soul and Emotion Lab. Sober Soul team is led by Jānis Skrastiņš and Agnese Poikāne. They are developing a 90-day digital support program for people with various addictive disorders. On the contrast, Ance Gricmane's social enterprise "Emotion Lab", combines the fields of education, health and social by creating face-to-face and app based self-growth master classes with elements of Art Therapy.
The award of Most Inclusive Idea was received by the company "Labojam". It will offer website development services and IT consulting where all empoyees are people with some sort of physical disability or mental disorder in order to support equal rights and break stereotypes.
"Pitch night" and graduation ceremony can be rewatched HERE.

NewDoor 2019-2020
Launch Night video report
NewDoor 2019-2020 LAUNCH NIGHT
On behalf of NewDoor board, our sponsors, supporters and mentors, we would like to say how proud we are for this colourful bouquet of social entrepreneurs, NewDoor alumni, that walk firm on the road of bringing social impact and added value to Latvian society and the world. Our deep gratitude goes to British Council Latvia - without you the accelerator NewDoor 2019-2020 wouldn't take place, to United States Embassy in Riga - for allowing us to invite more knowledgable lectors and for setting up the prize, to Embassy of Sweden in Riga - for helping us to provide lectures on sustainability and environmentally friendly ways to do business, to OraculeTang Space - for providing us a cozy and technologically advanced environment for study and work! #peopletopeople #newdoor2020 #socialentrepreneurship #sociālauzņēmejdarbība
NewDoor 2019-2020 4th module
The last module of NewDoor 2019-2020 took place on February 8 and 9, 2020. Participants have gone through a "trial by a business plan" and survived. We sincerely thank the jury of mentors that took time to listen to presentations on the future social entrepreneurs business plans. Later in the module we had a special guest from Kalmar, Sweden, Nicholas Murigu, brought to us by the Swedish Embassy in Riga. Nicholas delivered an excellent seminar on "Why your business should be sustainable and how?".
NewDoor 2019-2020 3d module
The NewDoor accelerator module nr. 3 took place on weekend of January 18-19. This was the hardest and most challenging module. Participants were learning about finance. Learn how to form a budget, write a buisness plan, how to raise funds and what should be understood about accounting. The tension was interlaced with smiles, because NewDoor lecturers and mentors are always ready to help.
NewDoor 2019-2020 2nd module video report
NewDoor 2019-2020 2nd module
2nd module is complete! We are thankful to all our mentors and experts who were able to give their time in order to comment on our participants presentations. Later we dove into particularities of selling services to municipalities, demystifying of the marketing mix, deciding on visual identity, choosing sales channels, learning how to build good relations with media people and two days culminated in a four hour hands-on workshop with digital marketing professional Ralfs Goba.
NewDoor 2019-2020 1st module
We have completed our 1st module and our participants - 16 projects chosen out of 77 applicants - have gone home with new knowledge and new tasks. After a lecture on Social Entrepreneurship in Latvia and around the world, we have gotten into Economic basics, Product Development and Branding. The module has been completed by a special guest lecturer Steve Savides (UK) who's taught us on the science of Sales, Resilience for entrepreneurs and stress management in sales situations.
NewDoor 2019-2020 speed interviews
Yesterday 20 experts met with 32 social innovators in order to choose initiatives that will go through this year's entrepreneurship acceleration program. Now we analyze the expert evaluations and soon final decisions will be made. One thing is clear - the choice is very tough and there are great projects here that can easily fill two accelerators.
We are inspired and thankful for your trust!

Understanding of social enterprises is growing
Nowadays it is only normal to think about the social impact of a company and an individual, so understanding of social enterprises is also growing
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Radio Baltkom program on social entrepreneurship
Maria Povilaite and Olga Lezina on the radio program "Morning at Baltcom" talked about the Olga's social enterprise and NewDoor accelerator, which was made possible thanks to the support of the British Council Latvia.
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NewDoor 2019-2020 Open House event
On September 25, 2019, NewDoor brought together potential accelerator participants, current and future mentors for the Open House event. Thanks to everyone who came, listened, asked questions and shared their reflections and ideas to build a bigger and stronger community of Latvian social entrepreneurs and to make life in our country a bit better.
New Door has participated in the roundtable discussion about empowerment and civil society held within the Emerging Europe Leaders' Meeting and Awards.
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We are honoured to represent NewDoor as a nominee at the Emerging Europe Award for Equality friendly initiative of the year.
Despite not winning an award this time, we thank our supporters and friends for the opportunity to be present in London and represent Latvia at this important event - Sonido, Embassy of Latvia in the UK, LIAA in London and especially Guntis Rubins, British Council Latvia.
Maria Povilaite: Give an opportunity to participate in social problem solution to communities!
The past year has been significant for social entrepreneurship in Latvia with the entry into force of Social Entrepreneurship Law.
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How at NewDoor Latvian and foreign social entrepreneurs are taught to build a sustainable business
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The Launch Night NewDoor 2017- 2018