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NGO NewDoor's capacity building for
the development of social entrepreneurship
New Door is an international social business accelerator that has been operating under the guidance of active social entrepreneurship professionals since 2013. The aim of the organization is to train, manage and inspire social business innovators both in Latvia and abroad. Today, NewDoor has more than 6 years of experience working with social enterprises by actively and practically helping them transform their social initiatives into sustainable social businesses. We provide focused relevant social entrepreneurship training, access to the best industry experts and mentor support internationally.
With the support of the "Active Citizens' Fund" program, the project "Promotion of Sustainable Development of the NewDoor union" will be implemented. The objectives of the project are: to stabilize the association's financial flow; build international experiene exchange; train employees; enhane unions activity and communication plans as well as further advance the social entrepreneurship accelerators program. In order to achive the goals, NewDoor will implement the following activities:
  • evaluate progress and processes done so far,
  • update the strategy and action plan,
  • take measures to stabilize the financial flow,
  • participate in events / projects of networks of international organizations,
  • undergo staff and managment training
  • establish and implement the communication and public relations plan,
  • improve the training materials of the startup acceleration program.
    The union envisions that the execution of the project will enhance NewDoor's capacity, recognition and public awareness of the opportunities it offers. The main goal stays the same as always for NewDoor - train, help create and develop social entrepreneurship that would promote public welfare and equal social inclusion in Latvia.
    The union wants to develop a stronger strategy and action plan so to have clear and detailed tasks and smaller goals, that will help reach the ultimate goal which is public welfare and unions sustainable long-term development. Also, NewDoor needs to get a stable stream of income to cover administrative costs and become able to grow and develop at a stable pace. Therefor the projects goal is also to develop a finance plan that's independant from grant availability. A significant result is expected from the NewDoor's activities in international platforms. The importance of social entrepreneurship in the conditions of the global crisis is enormous and so there's a solid case for growth and continuous demand.
    AIF projects implementation period: July 2021 till February 2022.
    More information about AIF opportunities are HERE.

    The project "Promoting Sustainable Development of the NewDoor union" is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grant Program "Active Population Fund".
    The total funding is 19,821.85 euros.

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