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NewDoor plans introduction of new solutions with a capacity for strengthening social and sustainable entrepreneurship
An increasing number of individuals are ready to become agents of change and initiate social and economic improvements in their communities, but they lack necessary skills and knowledge about entrepreneurship for successful implementation of their ideas. NewDoor is an important resource ensuring society-centred knowledge on entrepreneurship and tools for improvement of entrepreneurship skills adjusted to the owners of small and medium businesses. NewDoor team remains loyal to their mission to empower organisations and people to direct social change for improvement of social and economic welfare.

Thanks to the support of the Active Residents Fund (AIF), the NGO's team have had an opportunity to work on strengthening inside processes of the organization for several months. NewDoor accelerator's programme has been implemented and improved, new solutions have been found in the area of new services, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and PESTLE analysis (political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors) of the organisation were conducted, as well as operation of similar organizations in Europe and elsewhere in the world were analysed. During the self-analysis of the organisation, a significant emphasis has been placed to understand how to package the competences, products and contacts in a new form, which would help identify opportunities to create a more stable financial flow.

The team has participated in several team building and development trainings under the leadership of the British expert, founder of The Global Trust Project, Mr. Steve Savides. Mr. Savides has helped to define the challenging areas of the team's functions, strengthen the communication and teamwork, determine new directions of development, define growth opportunities for the years to come, as well as train the team in communication methodologies, which ensure more efficient brainstorming and facilitation. From December 2021 to June 2022 board members of NewDoor - Diāna Lapkis, Marija Povilaite and Olga Kotova, continued the organisation's strategic growth sessions under the leadership of Mr Savides.

"Ability to manage and inspire is one of the most important abilities on the way to success, however it is important to remember that the team works the best under conditions of a high level of mutual trust. Trust is a powerful macroeconomic indicator of how well groups of individuals – teams, organisations, and even countries – operate. Therefore, there is a question – how to increase trust, concentrate it and maintain it on a high level?" says Mr Savides.

The NewDoor team also took the opportunity to acquire new skills in relation to the development of managements and strategies of non-governmental organisations, and communications in digital media thanks to the foreign online training courses and participation in the international non-governmental organisation support network In the framework of this partnership NewDoor team had an opportunity to familiarise itself with new contacts and knowledge for further development. Furthermore, the training courses on the platform Udemy also helped to establish a better PR communication plan and variety of activities, and has given knowledge for developing social media communication guidelines, which would save time and make communication in social media more regular.

Finally, "New Door" team would like to thank AIF for the opportunity to improve the accelerator programme within the framework of the project; identify new services, which the union could sell for better financial independence from state grants, strengthen team unity, and use an opportunity to participate in and international expert's coaching, as well as analyse further future development opportunities.

AIF projects implementation period: July 2021 till June 2022.

More information about AIF opportunities is HERE.

The project "Promoting Sustainable Development of the NewDoor union" is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grant Program "Active Population Fund". The total funding is 19,821.85 euros.

The final works on NewDoor's strategic growth plan have been completed
In June, NewDoor International Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator board members Diāna Perštein-Lapkis, Maria Povilaite and Olga Kotova continued the development of the organization's strategic growth plan by participating in a session with Steve Savides, entrepreneurship promoter and founder of The Global Trust Project. It is an organization that has developed a methodology to build trust and inspire action in individuals and groups who want to influence the processes around them.

The ability to lead and inspire are among the most important skills on the road to success, but it is important to remember that a team works best when there is a high level of mutual trust. "Trust is a powerful macroeconomic indicator of how well groups of people - teams, organizations and even countries - work. So the question is - how to increase trust, focus it and keep it at a high level?" - says Savides.

Thanks to the Active Citizens Foundation (AIF) and Steve Savides, an expert in his field, we have come to a lot of useful discoveries that are already "bearing fruit" in the improvement and development of the organization, as well as in achieving the set goals. No turning back we walk only forward!
The management of NewDoor creates the organization's development strategy
"Only those who will grow and transform will stay!" - this phrase by Rainis is exactly describing the transformation of "NewDoor". Continuing the organization's strategic growth sessions, on January 26, 2022 board members Diāna Perštein - Lapkis, Maria Povilaite and Olga Kotova met up with the international business development coach from Great Britain - Steve Savides. Change takes time and so does developing a good strategy.

The intensive all-day workshop used innovative business and organizational management tactics and tools. As a result, the board set new growth tasks:
* building development and recognition at the international level,
* creating new products and programs,
* adaptation of the business accelerator program to new groups of society in the target audience,
* introduction of a socially responsible company management culture in traditional businesses and more, and more.

Although we are going through changes, our mission doesn't change. NewDoor is the first accelerator of social entrepreneurship in the Baltic States and the only one in Latvia that is building a path for the development of socially responsible entrepreneurship. The annual accelerator helps solve various societal problems in employment, education, mobility, health, integration, etc. areas for all Latvian residents in different age groups and not only in big cities, but also in rural areas. Assistance to the Ministry of Welfare in the development and renewal of the social enterprise law, as well as work in the commission for approving the status of new social enterprises, will not disappear anywhere.

Thank you Active Residents Fund (AIF) for supporting mentorship by the international expert Steve Savides and promoting the development of our organization in general! #AktivoIedzivotajuFonds #ActiveCitizenFund #EEAgrants #EEAgrantsLatvia
NewDoor team building and creative brainstorming canvas workshop
The soul of every company is its people! In a slightly chilly afternoon of December 6, 2021, NewDoor team members met for team building activities lead by the international business coach Steve Savides. Steve lives and works in the UK where he has led sales teams for global technology giants for over 25 years. For the past 10 years, he has also been consulting companies on stress management, workplace well-being, teamwork, business development. Steve helped our team set new goals for both team and personal growth. New team brainstorming, collaboration and stress management tactics were introduced to make us stronger as we execute NewDoor's plans for the coming year.

Thank you, Active Citizens Fund (AIF), for your financial support in helping us organize these expert trainings! More about Steve's work here:

#AktivoIedzivotajuFonds #ActiveCitizenFund #EEAgrants #EEAgrantsLatvia
NGO NewDoor's capacity building for
the development of social entrepreneurship
With the support of the "Active Citizens' Fund" program, the project "Promotion of Sustainable Development of the NewDoor union" will be implemented. The objectives of the project are: to stabilize the association's financial flow; build international experiene exchange; train employees; enhane unions activity and communication plans as well as further advance the social entrepreneurship accelerators program. In order to achive the goals, NewDoor will implement the following activities:
  • evaluate progress and processes done so far,
  • update the strategy and action plan,
  • take measures to stabilize the financial flow,
  • participate in events / projects of networks of international organizations,
  • undergo staff and managment training
  • establish and implement the communication and public relations plan,
  • improve the training materials of the startup acceleration program.
    The union envisions that the execution of the project will enhance NewDoor's capacity, recognition and public awareness of the opportunities it offers. The main goal stays the same as always for NewDoor - train, help create and develop social entrepreneurship that would promote public welfare and equal social inclusion in Latvia.
    The union wants to develop a stronger strategy and action plan so to have clear and detailed tasks and smaller goals, that will help reach the ultimate goal which is public welfare and unions sustainable long-term development. Also, NewDoor needs to get a stable stream of income to cover administrative costs and become able to grow and develop at a stable pace. Therefor the projects goal is also to develop a finance plan that's independant from grant availability. A significant result is expected from the NewDoor's activities in international platforms. The importance of social entrepreneurship in the conditions of the global crisis is enormous and so there's a solid case for growth and continuous demand.
    AIF projects implementation period: July 2021 till February 2022.
    More information about AIF opportunities are HERE.

    The project "Promoting Sustainable Development of the NewDoor union" is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grant Program "Active Population Fund".
    The total funding is 19,821.85 euros.

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