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social entrepreneurship
our social entrepreneurship acceleration program is geared to provide tangible value to our participants and, subsequently, communities that they are serving. It is designed to accompany participants on their journey from an idea to a sustainable business plan, to contribute to their business understanding and personal growth.
    Only business professionals with a proven record in their field achieving sustainable results find their way to New Door faculty. It makes a fundamental difference in how subjects are presented and what is the outcome of the program in terms of real-life-applicable knowledge and skills.

    From the very start of the course, each project team is assigned a Mentor, sometimes more then one, to guide and help through the process of business development. All mentors are high valued entrepreneurs, business professionals or specialists in their field.
        The program consists of 4 modules, 2 full days each. Modules are spread in a distance of 1 – 2 months to allow for intensive personal work in between.
        here is how our social entrepreneurship acceleration course works:
        clear definition of their product or service and its business model

        clear sales and marketing plan

        investor-ready business plan

        detailed action plan for 1 year and an action plan outlook for 3 years
        Modules are dedicated to specific business processes and structured to mirror the logic of business development.
        Each module is followed by homework assignments. Homework is mandatory and is critical part of the studies. Homework between modules is done in project teams and is closely supervised by mentors.
        at the end of the program, New Door accelerator alumni have:
        Renewed Look
        Olesja Soboļevska
        Kaspars Čabs and Baiba Sondore
        Silvija Ābele, Laima Mežīte and Zane Šmite
        Social enterprise with an aim to establish a kindergarten, which provides an alternative approach to education and individualized nutritional program according to GAPS guidelines.

        Nelli Skadiņa
        School of Robotics organizing robotics lessons for pre-school and early school age children.
        Project aims to create a unique design and give a second life to used things, as well as provide employment for mothers after maternity leave.
        Project aims to open a hospis (a medical and social institution) dedicated to providing incurable patients with a decent quality of life, spiritual and psychological support to their families.
        Rūta Šenkevica
        Social enterprise that gives an opportunity for everyone to experience the process of bread making through bread baking therapy classes.
        Natalija Jermolajeva
        Social enterprise that produces original clothes designs and stands as an example of how serious health problems and circumstances are not the barrier for full life and self-owned business.
        Santa Klodāne and Ilze Vaičule-Freimane
        Semyon Moroshek
        Tatjana Beckermeistere
        Project aims to build an organization of culinary master classes held by people of retirement age, as well as people with disabilities.
        Rūta Šenkevica
        Social enterprise that aims to create a gymnasium network that will host free classes for children from orphanages.

        Project aims to create more inclusive environment for people with movement disabilities by improving efficiencies and to create better user experience for visitors of large and complex buildings.
        Social enterprise that gives an opportunity for everyone to experience the process of bread making through bread baking therapy classes.
        Iveta Sproģe
        Juris Dilba
        Nadine Millere un Inese Tone
        Social enterprise with an objective to promote employment and social integration of young people and people with disabilities.
        Natalija Jermolajeva
        NGO that has been operating at national and international level for 17 years already and provides support services to women - survivors of violence and human trafficking.
        Social enterprise that offers various social support and companion assistant services in the region of Cēsis.
        Social enterprise that produces original clothes designs and stands as an example of how serious health problems and circumstances are not the barrier for full life and self-owned business.
        Nadine Millere un Inese Tone
        Craftsmen of Līgatne
        Day training center "IeSPĒJA"
        Olga Dogžina
        Iveta Ašeniece un Ilva Cimdiņa
        Oskars Kupčs and Ilona Koršunova
        Social enterprise, which designs and sells durable socks with compression technology to those who prefer active lifestyle.
        Baiba Blomniece
        The objective of the project is to build a community for local craftsmen in Līgatne region and to help them with promotion of their handmade products.
        Project aims to create a day center that through various activities connects different groups of people within the local region therefore improving local environment in the countryside.
        Children language and intellectual skill development platform that provides purposeful development for children with learning difficulties.
        Ieva Raubiško
        Small producer of authentic and delicious Middle Eastern food employing people with a refugee or alternative status in Latvia.
        Aleksandrs Morozovs and Alīna Absļamova
        Youth organization that brings together leaders and young people with an aim to assist the youth in finding their way to more community engagement.
        Aleksandrs Faminskis and Jūlija Voroņina
        Nataļija Dunko-Lazdiņa
        Diana Mekša and Mārīte Tropa
        Day-support center for children and youth suffering from AST with a purpose to create emotionally safe community and environment, including supporting services.
        Ieva Raubiško
        The project foresees the production of the different design objects and accessories, providing jobs for socially disadvantaged groups at risk, such as single mothers, disabled, unemployed people of the pre-retirement age.
        Non-governmental organization`s BEZVESTS.LV project that introduces identification bracelets - solution that significantly reduces the missing risk of a person.
        Small producer of authentic and delicious Middle Eastern food employing people with a refugee or alternative status in Latvia.
        Day support center "Namiņš"
        Dr. Norbert Snarski
        Valentin Andrejev and Jūlija Vasiljeva
        Yuri Boichuk
        An international project that ensures possibility of exchanging gifts among people from all over the world.
        Aleksandrs Morozovs and Alīna Absļamova
        Career guidance project developed for students to help them to navigate their way in the world of professions and consciously choose their own future.
        Association that provides support for people with different (mainly mental) special needs in terms of integration, socialization and employment.
        Youth organization that brings together leaders and young people with an aim to assist the youth in finding their way to more community engagement.
        Care Time
        Rolands Brikmanis
        Olga Lezina
        Karīna Falkenšteina and Anna Suhobokova
        Project aims organizing and conducting classes of puppet theater and creative workshops for children from orphanages in Latvia, thereby promoting the development of friendly environment for children's creativity and emotional expression.
        Margarita Pantjuhova
        The project is aimed to develop a unique digital-based course of teaching Latvian language to Russian-speaking children in order to enhance their integration into Latvian society from the early age.
        Social enterprise that offers specialized transportation and attendant services for people with disabilities, elderly, and for inpatients, as well as provides sign language interpreters services for people with hearing loss.
        The aim of the project is to create a network that gives opportunities to people with sight disabilities to acquire a masseur assistant qualifications.
        Access Jewish Riga
        MobiOpt / UA
        Tikvateinu / RU
        Yekaterina Pavelyeva
        Mihail Tkach
        Laurina Todesaite
        Social project that leads Jewish history tours in Lithuania and Ukraine and conduct master classes and degustations with an aim to encourage Jewish tourism and preserve culinary heritage.
        Ilya Rozman
        The project organizes trade teams in Ukrainian cities with the highest numbers of refugees and provides local retailers with 'Cash&Carry' service, offering a wide variety of domestic and imported goods.
        Social service that provides employment assistance for people with special needs.
        The social media project aims to create unified communicative platform for every Jewish organization, project, initiative, enterprise or private person in Riga.
        YCON / UA
        Crisis help centre Together
        Olesya Mihailova
        Sergey Abbasov
        Alexander Kuleshov
        Project is developed by Charity Organization 'Freedom and Unity' and designed to address and improve the refugee situation in Ukraine.
        Marija Kožarina
        Enterprise provides digital repository of personal data, an independent online communication and smart device management center with convenient and trusted communication interactions.
        Project with an objective to provide services and advice in connection to issues related to the continuation of life (pregnancy, infertility, abortion).
        Project realizes production of tactile information objects to ensure social integration of the blind people and provide an accessible environment for normal daily life, education, and employment.
        Kibbuts Odessa / UA
        Yolanta Vexler
        Anna Kašina
        Dmitry Bechutsky
        Social enterprise providing online support group for people suffering from addictions.
        Eva Vilkina and Olegs Zubkovs
        Project that addresses issues of education, social inclusion and the transmission of values from one generation to another by creating stories and fairy tales based on a therapeutic method.
        School aims to create a professional media community in Ukraine by providing media expert education and free trainings for talented students.
        Community that provides employment services for people with mental disabilities.
        SOS / UA
        Alexander Bobrovsky
        Ināra Olena
        Daiga Zipeva-Biumane
        Collective living and working country house and a community as a rehabilitation center for young people with disabilities.
        Jūlija Safonova
        Social innovation that creates manufacturing and integrated workshops with an objective to help youngsters with mental disabilities successfully integrate in labor market.
        The projects aims to organize production of bio-extracts from medicinal plants and berries to replace harmful synthetic additives or colorants and help to ensure sustainable development of bio-farming in Latvia.
        Information and consultation center for students that aims to to popularize Latvia as an international educational platform and attract foreign students.
        Eco Center WINDA
        Eco-center "Bille Uzkalni"
        Mārtinš Krūklis
        NGO that takes care of former prisoners and members of their families by performing various cultural, social and integration activities as well as providing employment to ex-convicts.
        Social enterprise that employs senior citizens and utilizes potential textile waste by creating design rugs.
        Community center that provides and develops a territory for educational projects related to environmental knowledge and healthy living.
        NGO aiming to improve life quality of people with gluten intolerance by providing education on how to manufacture safe gluten-free products.
        Social project with an objective to promote appropriate and multi-layer Holocaust education in Latvia, using contemporary approaches and forms, developed in cooperation with foreign specialists.
        Enterprise developing new and innovative concept of lightweight bicycle that are made of carbon.
        Kindergarten with a purpose to teach children to keep Jewish traditions and to educate them to reach their potential.
        Project of an intellectual wellness center for families with an aim to ensure early childhood education and to create closer communication between children and parents.
        Holocaust Education in Latvia
        RIGA 4ALL
        Alen Shnaider
        Project aims to help people to restore their health and to provide medical knowledge of naturopathy - the alternative medicine based on the principle of nature's healing power.
        Information platform about various locations in Riga and Jūrmala that are adapted for people with special needs, elderly, or families with children.
        Online cooperation platform that ensures opportunity for students to form a team with other peers and take part in small-scale procurements received from functioning businesses.