Silvija Ābele, Laima Mežīte and Zane Šmite

GAPS Kids is a social enterprise that plans to establish a kindergarten for creative and healthy children. The main three values of GAPS Kids kindergarten are as follows:
1. Alternative approach to education
2. A healing and individualised nutritional protocol according to GAPS guidelines
3. Nature friendly approach
GAPS or “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” has been described by medical doctor Natasha Campbell-McBride. According to GAPS there is a link between the diet, the health of gastrointestinal tract and overall (physical, mental, emotional) health and wellbeing. GAPS includes a nutritionally rich diet, while excluding sugar, carbohydrates and processed food. The idea of GAPS Kids social enterprise is to create a pilot project, which will demonstrate that children living in accordance with GAPS principles acquire stronger immunity and longterm become healthier.