Centrs MARTA

Juris Dilba

MARTA centre is a nongovernmental organisation, which has been operating at national and international level for 17 years already. We believe in the world where women and men, girls and boys live in equality. They are safe, free, their rights are protected. To fulfil our vision MARTA centre provides support services to women – survivors of violence and human trafficking.
During the 17 years of our existence, we have developed effective social rehabilitation services, based on needs of victims, using a multidisciplinary approach. A team of social workers, lawyers and psychologists works together to end violence and support a victim to start a new and independent life.
Consolidating theorethic knowledge with experience in supporting survivors of violence, we offer training and professional development programmes for professionals who work with domestic violence and human trafficking issues.Also MARTA centre specialists provide after-training mentoring and support to help our trainees to implement newley acquired skills into their professional activity.