Nelli Skadiņa

We created the company ALTERNA with a beautiful and noble goal — to make aging people in Latvia more comprehensive, more optimistic and full of beautiful emotions, as well as to make life easier for people who are responsible for the elderly — their children, grandchildren, relatives and friends. Therefore, we offer a new service in Latvia — a pensioner’s attendant. Our work and efforts are aimed at ensuring that in Latvia, as in other European countries, people may enjoy their age as a wonderful adventure, embodying untapped opportunities in their best years,feeling accepted and understood. The attendant will become a companion to the retired person and a good support to his relatives who are not able to spend enough time with their elderly relatives. They will take joint visits to a doctor, go together on the theater, exhibitions, walk along the sea, spend a cozy evening together at home — we will take care of your loved ones while you are busy.