Kaspars Čabs un Baiba Sondore

Nowadays technology is developing fast and it is important to introduce children to technical sciences from an early age in order to bring up truly interested specialists of engineering science in future. We choose to do it in a very exciting way, attractive to little children. AgirVision School of Robotics is organizing robotics lessons for preschool and early school age children. Our collection consists of more than twenty different kinds of robots, in each lesson we show something new. In these lessons children through tasks and games with robots learn physics, logics, programming, team work. We are travelling to kindergartens and schools in Riga, suburbs and regions. For a reduced payment we also attend crisis centers, boarding schools and educational institutions for children with special needs. At the moment we are the only one School of Robotics in Latvia, where in this work we are fully using our robots as tools (we are not using lego or constructors).