SOM School of Media

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The SOM School of Media provides media expert education in 4 directions: for journalists/TV presenters, cameramen, film editors, and producers. The goal of the School is to create a professional media community in Ukraine.

The SOM School of Media offers grants to talented students from Eastern Ukraine for free training in all specialties. During the training the students will shoot and edit short video clips on the subject of tolerance and large-mindedness in the society. This will result in a portfolio which will be helpful for their future employment.
The target audience of the School is young professionals with higher education aged 18 to 35 and living in cities with more than 50 thousand residents in the regions of Ukraine.

School teachers: expert practitioners working on the leading channels of the country: Inter, Ukraine, 1 + 1, and 5 Kanal. The list of invited speakers also includes opinion leaders, activists and prominent public figures from Germany, USA and Israel.