House of the Fairy Tale

Today there are 130,000 preschools and school children of younger age registered in Latvia. More than 15% of them have difficulties in education. The main tasks of the House of fairy tales are to solve issues with discipline, to help maintain contact with parents and pass values from one generation to the next.

Creating magical stories as a therapeutic method allowed us to publish a book for children diagnosed with celiac disease, write and publish a book of therapeutic stories “Pyhtychovye tales”, also board game “Designer of fairy tales” and a number of manuals for psychologists and teachers. We conducted more than 50 workshops for parents and children – among them children’s communities of Kalkun city and the orphanage center, Riga Central Library, Society of the Disabled Motus Vita, Riga orphanage of Moscow suburbs and many other organizations and social projects.

At the moment the house of fairy tales – is a project of the Family Support Center, which addresses issues of education, social inclusion and the transmission of values from one generation to another. We create stories that are changing the scenario of human life and solve any, even very complex problems. In our portfolio there are plenty of fairy tales for children with special needs and educational stories for every occasion. Our main task is to teach every parent in Latvia to create such fairy tales with their own hands.

To achieve these goals, we are creating an application for smartphones and tablets with therapeutic stories, we are working on the creation of an interactive program of distant training, programming site for parents and professionals, as well as writing a tutorial on creating magical stories. We also hope that the organization will become a center for the further development of the museum of fairy tales in Riga, which will help to preserve and popularize the Latvian cultural heritage, and is a good base to work with Latvian families and worthy tourist object, such as the Stockholm Museum Junibaken or House of Fairy tales SKAZKIN in St. Petersburg.