Saint Luke workshop

Each year, about 2000 people are released from the Latvian prisons. As experience shows, society does not accept former prisoners and do not care about them because people are afraid of them. Such exclusion often results in criminal recidivism, and we, our families or friends can become the next victim.

In our cultural-social community integration centres we will perform the following activities:

As a result, these people will be changed from tax consumers into taxpayers, which will enhance the overall well-being and safety of society. The social impact resulting from one psychologically and socially stable family cannot be calculated precisely, but it may be said with certainty that this family will reproduce creativity, positivism, recover the purchasing power and the desire to live a socially responsible life, which is a positive signal to investors and entrepreneurs, and gradually raises the prosperity of the country whole country upswing. Any group or nation that is moving forward and wants to stay united can do it as fast as effective are its weakest elements.