Point of view

The scope of activities of NGO Socintegra – social integration of the blind people and providing an accessible environment for their normal daily life, education, and employment. For more than four years we have organized the production of tactile information objects which can be read by any person, regardless of the condition of their vision. Those are tactile maps, door plates, and signposts that contain embossed information and Braille. We have equipped more than 50 objects in Latvia. We have experience in international cooperation and realization of European projects.

Within the framework of the project it is planned to organize an exhibition “Touching”, in which there will be exposed the embossed photos of the city, 3D models of architectural monuments, embossed graphic map of the city by the means of which blind people will be able to orient themselves. Following the conclusion of the exhibition, all the objects will be used for organizing the inclusive excursions in the city with participation of the blind people.

We have a plan to use all of those exhibit (upon completion) for establishment of TyphloCentre, where we organize special lessons dedicated to blind men as well as people with limited vision targeting for orientation in the city. There is an idea to transfer typhlographic Studio that facilitate adaptation of visually impaired men and organize tactile maps manufacture there.

Long term plans:


www.socintegra.lv – social projects
www.taktilka.com – tactil maps