Aleksandrs Faminskis and Julia Voronina (Latvia)

SOS ID is a project of a non-governmental organization BEZVESTS.LV. BEZVESTS.LV is dedicated to search of missing people. We provide various search and support activities, including public appeals about missing people on our web page, in social and other media, consultations through hot-line, email or personal meeting with a trained consultant and physical search activities on the field. Through our 7 years of experience in physical search of missing people, we are aware that search activities are extremely difficult and in most cases it is a matter of minutes. It is important to decrease the possible risk of a person gone missing though preventive activities. That is why we introduced identification bracelets, which significantly reduce the risk that a person might be gone missing, but if it is the case, then the identification bracelet will reduce the time required to find the person. The ID bracelets are very easy to use; they are made of hypoallergenic materials. Who is required to wear identification bracelets? In most cases these are following social groups: children aged 3 to 7, elderly people, elderly people or adults with specific needs. Those are most vulnerable groups or risk groups. In our opinion, safety of these vulnerable social groups is not only a priority to relatives and family, but also to the state. ,