Craftsmen’s creations

Iveta Aseniece and Ilva Cimdina

The objective is to unite Ligatne region craftsmans and sell their handmade products: socks, gloves, carpets, toys, decorations, etc. We have a personal experience of making handcraft products and marketing them, for example, at the  different regional fairs. The creators of handmade products are socially marginalized part of the society: pensioners, disabled persons and long-term unemployed people who are willing and are capable to make a handcraft products, but who have difficulties in obtaining a materials and are powerless on selling their goods. We plan to deliver materials to craftsmen and to establish a trading platform of handmade products in order to improve the quality of life in Ligatne region. We would like to promote the crafts and handmade products as part of Latvian lifestyle and a cultural traditions; as well as to hand over handcraft skills and values to future generations.