Natalija Jermalajeva un Alisa Adamsone

OWA is a project of design clothes, which is founded by two friends, two classmates Natalia and Alise, who has special circumstances. Alise is an artist an young mother, who is raising two beautiful kids, but Natalia is manager, and was born with incurable illness, which 5 years ago led her to serious disability. Our products are qualitative design clothes with prints, based on watercolour paintings made by Alise. We are the only one such design project in Latvia, so we are standing out other clothing brands. Our aim is to show, that serious problems and circumstances are not the barrier for full life and own business. There are such stereotypes, that disabled people are not able to do serious work, and we, with our case, would like to break it. Our project is made to show other, that people, who fall into a difficult situation, began their own business, using their education and experience. We are ready to get new knowledge and share our experience to other.


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