Day support centre “Namiņš” [“Maisonette”]

Diana Meksa and Marite Tropa (Latvia)

Day-support centre “Namiņš” is being created as a support for children and youth suffering from AST and their families. Operation of the centre is actively provided by voluntary youth. Our goal is creation of an emotionally safe and community-approximated environment including supporting services for children and youth suffering from AST and their families, as well as facilitation of independence of autism patients and their integration into society. Following services would be provided: supportive communication, development of individual social rehabilitation programme, structured communication skills training programme, creative workshops for the promotion of the development pf professional skills; assistant’s services in the client’s place of residence. At the moment, we are organizing with voluntary youth camps for families with disabled children and youth; we are also organizing monthly meeting for the families and provide individual moral support.