Social entrepreneurship accelerator NEW DOOR year 2017/2018 graduation ceremony.

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Social entrepreneurship accelerator NEW DOOR year 2017/2018 graduation ceremony.

10 great social entrepreneurship projects are ready to show transformation of their ideas within six months after participation in the acceleration programme under the leadership of experienced mentors. Meet them at the accelerator closing event on 29 March at 18:00 on the premises of ‘Astor Riga Hotel’.

The submitted social start-up ideas were examined in two phases of selection. 30 most successful authors of the ideas examined in the first phase were invited to the second phase of selection – speed interviews with the set task to persuade within 2 – 3 minutes experts of various fields of the uniqueness of their projects and compliance thereof with the goal of the project. The accelerator programme approved 11 powerful projects, which were involved in hard work on implementation on their business ideas for four weekends in a row doing their home-works and meeting with industry experts and mentors, was well as received regular feedback.

“Degree of readiness of the projects is still different – some projects have significantly changed both the idea itself and the form of presentation. Some participants still have to work hard on their ideas to let them come true. At the same time, some participants are ready to implement their ideas. During the acceleration programme, they all were forced to think of these issues, which were previously ignored due to shortage of time. For example, there was a task to develop a business plan including real and justified numbers. There were a few participants, who forced themselves to do calculations for the first time,” Diāna Lapkis, head of the ‘New Door’ accelerator, describes her impressions.

Information on all projects having passed the acceleration programme is available here. Opportunity to present their work and outline further development plan will be given to each of them at the closing event.

Acceleration programme 2017/2018 was implemented with the support of Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia.

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