New Door 2017


Kaspars Čabs un Baiba Sondore

Nowadays technology is developing fast and it is important to introduce children to technical sciences from an early age in order to bring up truly interested specialists of engineering science in future. We choose to do it in a very exciting way, attractive to little children. AgirVision School of Robotics is organizing robotics lessons for preschool and early school age children. Our collection consists of more than twenty different kinds of robots, in each lesson we show something new. In these lessons children through tasks and games with robots learn physics, logics, programming, team work. We are travelling to kindergartens and schools in Riga, suburbs and regions. For a reduced payment we also attend crisis centers, boarding schools and educational institutions for children with special needs. At the moment we are the only one School of Robotics in Latvia, where in this work we are fully using our robots as tools (we are not using lego or constructors).

“Renewed look”

Oļesja Soboļevska

“Renewed look” – a unique design project for things that get a second life after a make-over. The project is divided into several product lines – wooden products and textile products; renewal of furniture and interior items; clothing and accessories make-over.
Our project has two goals: 1 – protection of the environment by renewing things instead of wasting them, making it unique to its owner. 2 – employment of mothers after maternity leave, when it’s difficult to find a job. In the board of the enterprise there are three moms, each of us developing one of the product lines mentioned above.
We are exploring new technologies, share knowledge and gain invaluable experience – it helps to improve our lives and the lives of our families and friends, and then society as a whole.


Nelli Skadiņa

We created the company ALTERNA with a beautiful and noble goal – to make aging people in Latvia more comprehensive, more optimistic and full of beautiful emotions, as well as to make life easier for people who are responsible for the elderly – their children, grandchildren, relatives and friends. Therefore, we offer a new service in Latvia – a pensioner’s attendant. Our work and efforts are aimed at ensuring that in Latvia, as in other European countries, people may enjoy their age as a wonderful adventure, embodying untapped opportunities in their best years,feeling accepted and understood. The attendant will become a companion to the retired person and a good support to his relatives who are not able to spend enough time with their elderly relatives. They will take joint visits to a doctor, go together on the theater, exhibitions, walk along the sea, spend a cozy evening together at home – we will take care of your loved ones while you are busy.

Culinary club

Tatjana Bekermeister

Project Сulinary club is an organization of culinary master classes held by people of retirement age, as well as people with disabilities. The project gives the people an excellent opportunity to feel necessary and socially active, and also to acquire an additional income. One of the goals of this project is to publish a book with the best culinary recipes.



Semjons Morošeks

“FIGHTER FACTORY” is a social company whose goal is to create a gymnasiums network that will host free classes for children from orphanages.
The founder of the club is Semjons Morošeks, the World and European champion in kickboxing, a professional boxer. Semjons has been involved in sports for 15 years and he is very well aware of how sports can change people’s lives.
Very often children who come from orphanages are poorly educated, aggressive, involved in alcohol and drug abuse, lacking motivation and discipline. We will help direct their aggression into sport results, introduce kids to successful and determined people, discipline and teach them a healthy lifestyle. An employment in the sports club will be offered also.
We understand that we will not be able to change the whole world, but we are confident that we are able to change the world of a certain child!

Fast Track IT – skills that matter

Santa Koldāne un Ilze Vaičule-Freimane

Our core values are growth and development, and our core belief is “everything is learnable”. With those beliefs in mind we started to work on our project Fast Track IT – tuition free training program where youngsters would gain a kombo of IT and soft skills. Our goal is to create intensive coding bootcamp that is based on most effective teaching methods – mentoring, informal education methods, project based learning etc. We believe that this is the best approach in order to spark curiosity, give “learning how to learn” skill and develop growth mindset. We will work hand in hand with leading IT companies, so that our program graduates would acquire competencies and skills that will make them highly demanded recruit in the job market.

“RAMALA” creative bread labaratory

Rūta Šenkevica

“RAMALA” is a social enterprise that gives an opportunity for everyone to experience the process of bread making and at the same time to get to know oneself better, to meditate and to spend a quality time with family, friends or colleagues. The enterprise is created by specialists of a crisis centre for families and children “PASPĀRNE”, therefore special bread therapy classes will be offered as an alternative activity to work with children and adults that have suffered from violence and people with special needs. Even in the hasty everyday life, everyone will have a chance to visit “RAMALA”, have a healthy snack, and drink a tea or coffee in a cosy atmosphere, or to take away a nourishing sandwich and delicious salad.

Nadīna Millere un Inese Tone

The employment and social integration of young people and people with disabilities is a major problem in Latvia. Nadine Miller and Inese Tone, with the creation and operation of their social enterprise, will promote the employment of these people by offering them employment, as well as training for their jobs, provided in cooperation with their employers. During the 2nd phase of company development, it is planned to create services like “Recreation time” for the population of Olaine, Marupe, Babites territory, positioning itself as the only social enterprise in the mentioned area engaged in the employment of people with special needs.

Centrs MARTA

Juris Dilba

MARTA centre is a nongovernmental organisation, which has been operating at national and international level for 17 years already. We believe in the world where women and men, girls and boys live in equality. They are safe, free, their rights are protected. To fulfil our vision MARTA centre provides support services to women – survivors of violence and human trafficking.
During the 17 years of our existence, we have developed effective social rehabilitation services, based on needs of victims, using a multidisciplinary approach. A team of social workers, lawyers and psychologists works together to end violence and support a victim to start a new and independent life.
Consolidating theorethic knowledge with experience in supporting survivors of violence, we offer training and professional development programmes for professionals who work with domestic violence and human trafficking issues.Also MARTA centre specialists provide after-training mentoring and support to help our trainees to implement newley acquired skills into their professional activity.

‘’Drošais plecs’’

Iveta Sproģe

I have established the social enterprise “Drošais Plecs”, which offers various social support services in Cēsis and in the immediate vicinity.
When children move away to live and work in another city or country, some of the parents and relativesfind themselves in a situation where they cannot cope with their daily routine due to age, poor health, or transient health problems.
‘’Drošais plecs’’ will provide a variety of services – shopping, signing up for a doctor, attending medical facilities, cleaning and other household tasks. We will offer companion assistant services, including walks and quality leisure time.
I want to ensure qualitative service, sincere and honest attitude, availability, understandable payment system and for that I plan to organize high-quality training for potential employees. The second are of the activity is care for the heavily ill people. I want to create a common database of people who are severely ill, offering only qualified care. I would like to apply for the ‘Aid for Social Business’ program to start up a business.
I plan to sign at least two employment contracts. I also want to give work to women of pre-retirement age, who find it difficult to compete in the labor market.