Anna Kashina, House of Fairy-tales

And where is the money here? This is the question, as a rule, asked to the entrepreneurs – beginners by investors, when assessing viability of their projects. When it comes to the social entrepreneurship, the second crucial question is about the social importance of the project. How many people’s lives would be changed due to implementation of the business idea? Therefore, I would like to start my reference about participation in the New Door programme with some facts: 14 groups or 117 people have passed training of various programmes of the House of Fairy-tales during the recent year alone.

It is thanks to the advices provided by mentors and activities under the direct supervision of the tutors of the course that we developed a logotype, created booklets and our page on the social network Facebook and we are in the middle of creation of our own website. From this point of view, question about the biggest works to be done was very helpful. Which works should be completed within the next year? What will be your most important projects? What will be the result? Another positive feature of the New Door programme is the comprehensive examination of your idea by other entrepreneurs, heads of operational companies and patrons, who can provide direct participation in the implementation thereof. It is not necessarily to participate with financing; it can be an offer for cooperation or assignments of space. Decrease of your expenses and getting of your project going can be provided also by payment of the typographic services or work of volunteers, who can get inspired by your ideas. However, inspiration of someone takes clear clarification of your idea. What is the substance of your project? Can you tell about it in 2 minutes? But in 30 seconds?

I am sure you will be able to do this after participation in the New Door programme. For example, the House of Fairy-tales – this is a place, where people learn to resolve complicated matters with the help of stories of magicians. And our task is to return parents to children by bringing a fairy-tale into each house of our country.

Believe me, implementation of those few lines took the development of around fifty various versions. In this area, priceless assistance is provided by your course mates – people, who come together from various countries to make the world better.

Social entrepreneurship is not just a story about business, but also about your ability to change many people’s lives. To resolve a social problem or even save somebody’s life. Whereas, it helps you to answer a very important question: “Why do you live in this wide world?”

At the very moment, when your start spending a lot of time and strength for matters, the unprofitability of which you are aware of, significant support from people around you appears. There will always be a hundred of well-doers, who will criticize your approach, method and idea; who will refer to the bareness of the idea and lack of self-sufficiency. And it is hard to overestimate the significance of the support provided to you by mentors and confreres, who truly believe that you will be able to make your ideas come true.

However, the connections your will make in this business environment mean not only intangible threads of the social brotherhood, but also a number of specific works. It is thanks to the New Door project that the Israeli company Stairway Soft and the House of Fairy-tales implemented the fairy-tale project for tablets and smartphones –

We taught writing of fairy-tales to people with special needs from the society Motus Vita, we became a part of the talent course of and conducted a fairy-tale master class at Maskavas suburb boarding-school together with the charity organization Labdaris (Well-doer). We have a lot of great ideas, skills, accurate business model and belief that we will succeed. Opening my “New Door” I would like to invite you to follow me, so you could also try to take your first step towards your new life.