New Door 2017-2018

‘’Drošais plecs’’

Iveta Sproģe

I have established the social enterprise “Drošais Plecs”, which offers various social support services in Cēsis and in the immediate vicinity.
When children move away to live and work in another city or country, some of the parents and relativesfind themselves in a situation where they cannot cope with their daily routine due to age, poor health, or transient health problems.
‘’Drošais plecs’’ will provide a variety of services – shopping, signing up for a doctor, attending medical facilities, cleaning and other household tasks. We will offer companion assistant services, including walks and quality leisure time.
I want to ensure qualitative service, sincere and honest attitude, availability, understandable payment system and for that I plan to organize high-quality training for potential employees. The second are of the activity is care for the heavily ill people. I want to create a common database of people who are severely ill, offering only qualified care. I would like to apply for the ‘Aid for Social Business’ program to start up a business.
I plan to sign at least two employment contracts. I also want to give work to women of pre-retirement age, who find it difficult to compete in the labor market.