Graduates 2015


Name: Laurina Todesaite

Eat to Travel and Travel to Eat – Tell us what you eat and we tell you were you travelled

It’s a young initiative created to encourage Jewish tourism and preserve culinary heritage of Lithuania and Ukraine. After the Holocaust and World War II practically nothing Jewish has left in our countries… with the population decline we are losing our heritage. The #CookJewishBeJewish project is about to save the Jewish culinary heritage and bring Jewish spirit to Jewish homes by food. Can you imagine Jewish gathering without food? We are sure you can point what Italians, French, Chinese and Japanese eat, but what can you say about the Jewish food? Do you know the difference between teigalech and krepalech?

We lead Jewish tours and conduct master classes and degustations, arrange Jewish holidays and we even do Kosher catering.

And for all this we need a place. We dream to establish an open kitchen to lead master classes of Jewish cooking, the place where heritage will be shared and passed to a new generation. A place for everyone to be a chef, show ones expertise and share experience, wisdom and life story. An open home kitchen.

And for that we need your help and support in all possible ways – support, advice, donation, book a tour with us, invite us for master class, register to summer camp. And give us a like on Facebook.


Name: Michail Tkach(Ukraine)

My MobiOpt project is a B2B service of mass-market goods sales via sales representatives.

Trade teams are organised in the cities with highest quantities of refugees (Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhie, Odessa, Lviv, Kiev) and provide local retailers with the service, proposing UA-made and import goods.

After an order is made it is delivered and salary is paid immidiatly to the salesman, what makes him possible to cover his daily needs.


Name: Ekaterina Paveljeva, Russia (Saint Petersbrug)

The social service Tikvateynu for people with special needs aged 18-45 is aimed at employment assistance. About 707,250 people with special needs live in St. Petersburg and only about 10% of them have jobs. 2/3 of those who don’t work would like have it but the employer isn’t always ready to employ a person with special needs for various reasons. The social service Tikvateynu will become a binding contact between a person with special needs and the employer and will solve the problem of individual maintenance to recruitment and the first months of work. Thus, it is planned to increase the percent of working people with special needs.

Access Jewish Riga

Name: Ilya Rozman (Latvia

The Social Media project
Access (or key) to Jewish Riga gives an opportunity to every Jewish organization, project, initiative, enterprise and to private person also for both the accessibility of an unified, safe and unsophisticated communicative platform allowing both profitable mutual cooperation, and for recruiting purposes too.

The stage one measures includes the appearance of interactive portal, providing an inside look at media coverage of significant current events in culture, education, entertainment and sports as a poster destined to the wide range of different participant audience irrespective of age.
The second stage of measures intents the implement of modern IT technologies for networking activities, including creation of appropriate social, friendly and commercial contacts amongst the participants of projects, visitors of entertainments and other coterie.
Diversity of advertising abilities would satisfy the representatives of business involved into according market segment being highly advantageous in promotion of their goods and services.

Our project now is moving through its dynamic development phase, we are searching and founding new partners and friends both. But we are only in the beginning of our way. Let us do it together.
Success starts here!

The Kibbutz

Name: Aleksander Kuleshov (Ukraine)

Freedom and Unity Project

In Ukraine there are more than 1.3 million refugees from the eastern part of the country today.
This fact affects the Ukrainian society in many different ways.

The Kibbutz Odessa is a project developed by Charity Organization ‘Freedom and Unity’ and designed to address this and other social problems.
Ukraine has a great potential for development despite the war. We do not need to reinvent the wheel today. Implementing Israeli experience in the kibbutz format may be the best solution to the problem of refugees, poverty, destruction, re-socialization of soldiers and their reintegration into civil life.

We can improve the country by creating safe places to live and new jobs, ensuring fair wages and providing for a comfortable environment, and developing the agrarian sector of Ukraine. We can build a future.
A strong community makes a strong society.
Working Title: Kibbutz Odessa


Name: YCON

YCON is a secured, digital bunker for personal data, independent centre of on-line communications and smart devices management hub empowered with great tailored possibilities to collaborate and act with family.

YCON solution designed for those, who lacks confidentiality in the Web, who wants to own control over his smart devices and its data, who needs keeping close relations with relatives in the growing number of digital data and technologies.

Our team is going to use all available findings about social behavior in digital world in order to create solution, which will provide comfortable interaction with technologies, being in touch with family and relatives and still remaining independent.

At the moment our project is getting even more relevant taking into account the latest affirmation from UN about the personal data encryption and anonymity human rights.

Head Trick

Name: Ilya (Russia, St. Petersburg)

Head Trick is an independent project started by the initiative group of young people in 2009. The main goal of the project is to create self-sufficient secular Jewish community in St. Petersburg by organizing informal educational events for young unaffiliated Jews aged 18-30.

We organize the events as follows:

  • Intellectual team games
  • Quests and role-play games
  • Jewish holidays and Shabbats
  • Outdoor seminars (shabbatons)

The milestones of our project are: educational content, high quality and self-sufficiency.

Project of Crisis Help Centre Together

Name: Olesya Mihailova (Estonia-Latvia)

Aim, target group
The aim is to offer services and advice in connection with issues related to the continuation of life (pregnancy, infertility, abortion) to women, men and their families.

Implementation of the project, types of activity:
– Creating a consulting service on the basis of an existing family support centre.
– Interaction with social services, representatives of the health care system, municipalities and the Ministry of Welfare.
– Goal-oriented development of Health Project ‘Counselling, Psychological Support for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infertility and Termination of Pregnancy’
– Provision of clear and accessible advisory information to the population
– Expansion and improvement of advisory services at the national level
– Creating an attractive and modern Internet homepage for the target group
– Creation and composition of various promotional materials (visual and audio-media adverts).