Graduates 2014


Lude is a social enterprise that employs senior citizens and utilizes potential textile waste creating design rugs. It gives reason for retired people to get up in the morning and look forward to something, thus also saving a little bit of our green planet.

On old wooden weaving looms Lude employees create stylish and colourful rugs out of textile production leftovers and recycled garments. Every bit of the work process is done by hand, starting from sorting out the raw material, cutting it into strips and then weaving. You can imagine how much warmth of the hands is put in every rug that comes out of Lude.

Already in the first year of Lude’s operations it received local and international recognition, such as the International Quality Innovation Award and recognition from the Sustainability Index of Latvia.

Eko-center Bioville “Uzkalni”

Located on an 8 Ha of land in a non-industrialized pollution free zone, Eko-center Bioville “Uzkalni” is a convergence of three important components of socio environmental approach towards healthy lifestyle:

1. The architecture is mainly an improvisation of the traditional Latvian eco-friendly housing which makes it a lot trendier and commercially attractive to adopt;
2. The eco-center will be well-furnished to hold corporate events, seminars, workshops, camps, fairs, festivals and etc.;
3. A whole gamut of eco-friendly product manufacturers will showcase & promote their products.

The business model will ensure a self-sustaining and growth-oriented approach of eco-center. The project envisages to replicate such model also in different other geographies.

Gluten-Free Experts

Irina is a mom of two children who have been diagnosed with celiac disease.

The only cure for this disease is a strict gluten-free diet for life. This means that you cannot eat grains (wheat, rye, barley) and also hundreds of other different products. Bread, sweets, sausages, yogurt and ice cream are forbidden, the same with birthday celebrations, cafes, restaurants and travelling.

The project Gluten-Free Experts will teach food manufacturers how to produce safe gluten-free products, and restaurants – how to cook gluten-free. Patients with celiac disease will gain the freedom of choose and will no longer be socially isolated because of their special dietary needs. Food producers will gain a new profitable niche, whereas people with celiac disease – the joy of a full-fledged life.

Holocaust Education in Latvia

Main objective of the project is to promote appropriate and multi layer Holocaust education in Latvia, using contemporary approaches and forms, developed in cooperation with foreign specialists. The main target group of the project are Latvia’s schools – children and youth, members of the new generation who are more open-minded learners than adults and who will make the face of our future society.

In the long-term perspective this project will inspire critical thought and personal growth. It will develop an awareness of the value of diversity in a pluralistic society and encourage sensitivity to the positions of minorities, promoting mutual respect between people. Overall the project is about taking initiatives in an effort to change society for the better.

Maffam Erenpreis ergo bicycles Project

A new concept bicycle with innovative technical parameters and manufacturing technology is intended.
That will allow:
-sell carbon made bicycles for reduced price
-fit them for any user (flexibility of adjustment)
-beat competitors
A new type of frame is made of carbon rowing by using semi-automatic methods.
There is another solution under investigation which allows making an individually designed bicycle (custom made) for a sound price within a couple of hours by using 3D printing with carbon nanotubes implemented into polymers.

Kindergarten Motek

Kindergarten Motek intended for children aged between 1.5 and 7 was founded in 2013 by the Jewish Community of Riga with the support of JDC. Kindergarten Motek operates sessions from 7.30 am to 19.00 pm as well as offers the services of a speech therapist, chess lessons and pick-up service.

The purpose of the kindergarten is to educate all children to reach their potential and keep Jewish traditions. This means offering a curriculum which is right for every Jewish kid.

Three Pillars – Foundation of the World

The aim of the project is to create an intellectual wellness centre for families which will include the best studios and teachers in the city of Riga for the subjects like languages, music, creativity, logic, dance, fitness training, and psychology of communication.

The goal is to use modern approaches and innovative methods in teaching, communications training, to create conditions for closer communication between children and parents, solve the problem of children’s spare time after school and ensure early childhood education. The project will make people’s life better.


The project aims to help people restore their perfect health condition, get back their most precious gift of nature together with a friendly team of highly-qualified specialists as well as teach people seeking for integrated medical knowledge of naturopathy.
Integration of traditional and non-traditional medicine, medical psychology,
family psychology, Science and Naturopathy School


The objective of the Project is the creation of the information technology platform for people with special needs disabled, elderly, families with children), who want to visit Riga and Jurmala. It will be convenient and searchable database showing the locations adapted to the needs of this group of tourists and residents.

In parallel service will be created that will help with reception, accommodation and travel escorts for tourists with special needs.

Alen Shnaider

Internet platform-matchmaker targeted at students creates a way join up into small teams of different domain specialists, in order to perform small scale projects received from functioning firms.

The process implies receiving a task and a deadline, creating a team from registered active students, completion of the task through on-line cooperation, and as a result attaining experience, and in case of successful completion — payment for the work done.