New Door 2016


Valentin Andreev and  Julia Vasileva (Latvia)

“Compass” – find your direction. “Compass” is a project developed for students of 9-12 classes, which will help them to begin to navigate in the world of professions and consciously choose their own future. The program includes tests for career guidance, familiarity with higher educational institutions, career test practice, master classes, lectures, social skills development, useful contacts and much more. The program is prepared by the cultural and educational community “Migrash” in collaboration with high schools of Latvia.

Dr. Norbert Snarski (Latvia)

We are the Association for integration, employment and socialization of people with special needs. At the moment we aim to enhance the sales of our products – plant soaps, amber textiles and artificial flowers, so that people with special needs that are working at our manufacturing part-time, would be able to work full time. We came to NewDoorRiga to develop our business model further.

“Young Folks”

Aleksandr Morozov un Alina Abslamova

Young Folks is a youth organisation which has 20 leaders and 150 participants from 12 to 23 years, as well as children from 2 to 12 years, parents and friends – the total number exceeds 1000 people. Mission – to assist the youth in finding their way in life to be happy. Leaders from various groups (photographers, artists, volounteers, dancers, actors, journalists, chefs, designers, teachers, project group etc.) form the structure of Young Folks. The main office of the organisation is in Riga, as well as there is a branch in Liepaja. The main methods used in the work with the youth are as follows: • Children teaching children • Travelling around the world • Lifelong learning • Connecting generations • Carrying out projects • Organizing events • Gaining real life experience while working in the organization YF is a partner in international projects aimed at work with the youth; in addition, YF organizes its own projects in Latvia. YF participants travel around the globe, gaining new experience, participate in youth projects, attaining new skills, and organize events and festivals.


“Tell me”

Karīna Falkenšteina  and Anna Suhobokova

The project “Tell me” aims at organizing and conducting classes of puppet theater and creative workshops for children of 7-10 years old living in orphanages in Latvia, thereby promoting the development of friendly environment for children’s creativity and emotional expression. During workshops children will not only learn to put on the puppet shows, but will also make the puppets and decorations by themselves. Children will show their own puppet performances and share their experiences. The efforts of our project will be aimed at attracting public attention to the problem of socialization and emotional support for children in orphanages. We have developed handmade puppets line kits with books. The books contain stories, the characters of which the puppets are, and scripts for puppets performances. There will be drawings by children from orphanages in the books. Funds from the sales of these kits will be spent on the project needs.

The project is aimed to develop a unique and effective course of teaching Latvian to Russian-speaking children, based on a author’s proven method of language teaching, to digitalize the course through internet video platforms, in order to enhance their inegration into Latvian society from the early age.

“Care Time”

Rolands Brikmanis (Latvia)

The company “Сare time” offers specialized transportation and attendant services to people with disabilities and movement disabilities, for the elderly, and for inpatients, as well as company provides sign language interpreters services for hearing impaired people. The aim of the company is to give people with disabilities and movement disabilities an opportunity to integrate into society and participate in different activities. As independent living is based on a person with disabilities rights to make choices on issues of personal life in the same way as any member of the public, and our company’s mission to help them to realize this choice. The company’s “care time” employees are their work professionals with long experience in security and rescue sector, not only in Latvia but also in Great Britain, where they have acquired details of care work and qualified in sign language interpreters work.


Margarita Pantjuhova

This platform is a bridge connecting two fundamentally different social groups of the population. We help socially unprotected group of weakly seeing people to integrate into the social active society.  The business model is designed to provide professional medical assistance and to ensure the active group of prosperous middle-aged people “conserned” about health. The scope of services includes activities intended to maintain physical health in an active form and prevents the occurrence of various diseases, as well as in a short time resolves the issues of health and beauty. The project aims to create a network of medical offices where visually impaired it will be provided, depending on their qualification a workplace of the massage therapist or assistant. Also it is supposed in collaboration with Neredzīgo Centrs and