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NewDo(o)r / SEEEP 2016

International social entrepreneurship accelerator   NewDo(o)rRiga in 2016 presents SEEEP  (Social Entrepreneurship Exchange program) 2016 project, during which we will provide for our participants skills, which helps them to create new and develop existing social enterprises or projects. With knowledge will share experienced professionals and social entrepreneurs and innovators from Sweden and Latvia. The Baltic Sea region will share with their experiences with Ukraine, which is now in the process of great economic, social and political transformation.

Also New Do (o) r Riga continues directly cooperate with experts from Israel, Germany, the UK and other countries.

All seminars includes such topics as vision and formation of an idea, market analysis – partners and competitors, business modelling, planning and project management, creation of a prototype and adjustment, budgeting and working with budgets, project presentation, networking, fund raising, PR, marketing, etc.

The additional sessions will include different topics related to social entrepreneurship: civil society and its economic impact, Latvia as a bridge between the east and the west, Tikkun Olam — a social mission of world repair, social entrepreneurship in the globalization epoch, professional associations, contemporary media technologies, etc.

Accelerator 2016 consists following sessions:

Three 1-day seminars,  for participants from Riga (October 30,  November 13 and 27 and December 10)

Four 1-day seminars about social entrepreneurship for participants in Kiev (October-November 2016)

International 2-day meeting (forum) in Riga, of perspective social entrepreneurs and experts in social entrepreneurship from Sweden, Ukraine and Latvia, the representatives of social entrepreneurship from Ukraine will participate as well. (10-11 December)

International conference about social entrepreneurship and innovation in Kiev, where will participate 2-3 best projects of social entrepreneurship from Latvia (February 2017)

All seminars include:

  1. Laboratory classes — consultations and individual work with the international trainers and business consultants from PresenTense and Hamama
    2. Work clusters.
    The work with the local mentors and experts will be performed between the seminars.

In addition to the classes, the programme New Door provides for the following work formats:
1. Clusters are work groups uniting either the participants whose projects are in one field or those who search for the answers to analogous questions. The participants are grouped into groups consisting of several people and discuss the questions arisen in relation to the Hot Seat system.
The Hot Seat technique has been invented in Harvard Business School. It allows revealing the participants’ problems and suggesting solutions to these problems.
In clusters, the participants exchange experience and discuss problems topical for them, or they meet with the respective specialists. Thus, for instance, those who will be creating an online project, legal advice of a lawyer specializing in the field of intellectual right may be necessary.
2. Home work – practical tasks which the participants are given after each lecture (for instance: to ensure on-line presence, to write a business plan, etc.) and perform under the guidance of their mentor.
3. Consultations with mentors are held approximately once per month (or more frequently depending on the mentor’s possibilities) and they imply the analysis of the project strategy and worthless recommendations of the experienced specialists in the field of business and social projects.

4. The international Experience Exchange Forum where participants will present their projects and themselves to the business community, the representatives of local organisations, potential investors.

That is when the necessary networking among the presenters and guests of the event.

(the program of event will be announced shortly)

Program Calendar

Application submission deadline– 15 October

Interview – 23 October

1-st seminar – 30 October
2-nd seminar – 13 November
3-rd seminar – 27 November
4-th seminar and international forum – 10 – 11 December

International forum in Kiev – February 2017 (dates will be announced)
Time and place will be announced later.