Our Team

Yael Falko (Gerchikov) (New Door 2013-2015)

New Do(o)r Riga program curator

Yael’s professional background focuses on strategic planning, public relations and project management in the international non-profit arena, leading various educational, social and cultural projects in Israel, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. Yael lived, studied and worked in Israel, USA, Russia and Thailand, and volunteered in different organizations, as well as in Kenya – teaching English and world history in underprivileged schools and orphanages. In addition to project management Yael is an interpreter, translator and copywriter of three languages – Hebrew, Russian and English.

Yael took a big part in the foundation and strategic management of New Door Riga, traveling to Riga every couple of months to get the program going; one of the main tasks was to engage local support, thus creating an ecosystem for this project to grow in. Yael also represented New Door Riga in an international entrepreneurship forum in Budapest, Hungary.

Daniel Freidlin (New Door 2014-2015)

Director of Business Development and Programs

Daniel is the Director of Business Development and Programmes and is an active member of the social and social-business entrepreneurship community. Alongside his Bachelor’s degree in Communal Social Work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he was one of the founders of the Osim Shinui movement (social workers for a change in the government’s priorities) and Salon Shabazi, a community centre in Nachlaot, Jerusalem. Daniel also worked in lobbying and marketing for a variety of social organisations. He served in the IDF as part of a Garin Nachal of the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement.

Daniel has been living in Jerusalem for the past seven years; actively participates in cross-sector social and cultural projects and in formation of new communities. At present, he is a graduate student at the Business School of the Hebrew University focusing on organisational behaviour.

Alex Shmidt (New Door 2014-2015)

Lead Trainer, PresenTense

Alex arrived in Israel as part of the Naaleh Russia program. He has worked for years in formal and informal education, both developing and managing programs in the public and nonprofit sectors. A few years ago Alex established a department to integrate immigrants into Israeli society with the Ramat Gan municipality that operates successfully in the immigrant population, In recent years Alex has been a guide and consultant in a variety of areas: social business development, establishing a support system in diverse populations in local authorities, management of volunteers, strategic planning and management of marketing communications for enterprise social business, budget management, campaign management. Alex has a BA in Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, a teaching certificate, and an MBA with a focus in Marketing.

Alina Shkolnikov (2013-2014)

Director of Content and Programs

Alina was the Director of Content and Programs for PresenTense and previously served as the European Programs Director. Prior to joining PresenTense, she worked as a New Media Campaigner for “Green Course” and as a New Media Lecturer at Mas”a (for young media professionals). For five years she has worked in the field of New Media as New Media Manager, Public Relations and Client Manager, and Web Content Writer for various organizations. Alina served as the Russian Desk Commander in the Foreign Press Branch of the IDF Spokespersons Unit. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from The Interdisciplinary Center, Sami Ofer School of Communications. She is also a graduate of the Mahindra United World College of India and a graduate of the Stand With Us fellowship (Public Diplomacy Program).

Simi Hinden (New Door 2013-2015)

Director of Knowledge Management

Simi Hinden is the Director of Knowledge Management at PresenTense. In her role, she manages program assessment across the organization, as well as financial resource development for PresenTense Israel. She is currently studying for her MBA at Hebrew University, with a focus on strategy and entrepreneurship, and graduated from Columbia University with a BA in biology. She has also studied at the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Drisha Institute. Previously she was an Opinion and Analysis Editor for Seeking Alpha. Originally from New Jersey, Simi lives in Jerusalem.

Boris Khanukaev (New Door 2015)

Finance advisor

Boris immigrated to Israel in 1997 as part of the Naale project for immigrant teenagers. Graduated from law school in 2008 he had his internship in the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (Taxation and Economics). In 2009 became a qualified attorney recognized by the Israel bar association. Until 2012 worked as an attorney specializing in civil and commercial law. In 2011 acquired his MBA. In the same year began to travel abroad to give lectures about Israeli economy, as well as civil and commercial law. He is the owner of a law firm and since 2012 works as VP at a company, which specializes in import.

Boris’s social activism began in “Naale” program, which allows Jewish teenagers from the Diaspora to study and earn a high school diploma in Israel, where he was a group counselor. Boris volunteered for various social projects including the coordination of programs for children with low socio-economical background and specialized programs for youth leadership. In 2005 he joined the Association of Naale graduates, and together with his friends created a non-profit organization and built partnerships with commercial and noncommercial organizations to assist new immigrants to get home appliances for free.

Boris believes that good education, paves the way to a good future.

In 2013 he joined PresenTense team as an external consultant for social business at this position he taught at social entrepreneurship accelerators in Moscow and Haifa and gave lectures in a joint social innovation program with “Masa Israel Journey” project.