The main task of mentor is to provide help to his/her mentee in the study of the field of his/her social entrepreneurial activity and to build stable business scheme. In the course of teaching and developing of the first-time entrepreneurs mentor invests his/her knowledge, instruments and resources that may help translate the idea of social business into reality. Mentor, in turn, becomes in fact a co-author of the new promising social enterprise and gets the possibility to influence it. Meetings with mentor 1-2 times a month are based on the matters of the participants’ concern in relation to the basic aspects of their project development. Additionally mentor may be contacted by email or phone.

Julia Reider

Bachelor of Management (RISEBA), Master of Law & Finance (RGSL). More than 10 years of experience in project management and more than 6 years of executive assistance to CEO of teh Group of companies. Experience in IT and e-commerce in Latvia, the UK and in the USA. Journalist, editor of Luxury Real Estate magazine. Entrepreneur in the sphere of tourism and health products. At the moment main activities associated with the development of startup projects in the field of real estate and IT. The founder of the charitable organization You and Me Charity, which since 2013 congratulates the children from orhphans with Birthdays. Will pay attention to project activities planning, responsibilities, budgeting, project presentation, teaser or other marketing materials texts editing.

Jana Rozenberg

Jana is experienced financial services professional. She holds Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Tel-Aviv University and at the moment is obtaining her MBA degree in Riga Business School. Jana has over 7 years of working experience in financial sector. Currently she is involved in independent financial consulting and several start-up development.