International advisors

Dr. Nir Tsuk

Dr. Nir Tsuk is a seasoned practitioner and academic with over 20 years of international experience in the fields of social capital and entrepreneurship. Serving as a Visiting Professor of Social Entrepreneurship at King’s College London and the University of Osaka, Nir is now helping – the world’s largest social online talent acquisition platform – to double its size and impact.

Prior to this, Nir has brought Ashoka (the world’s largest social entrepreneurship organization) to Israel, after serving as a Ashoka’s Global Fellowship Director in Washington DC, connecting more than 3000 social entrepreneurs in 72 countries. Nir holds a PhD from Cambridge University in social and political sciences – where he wrote his dissertation on social networks, social capital and intentional communities. Previously, Nir led policy research initiatives at the Community Development Foundation in London and at the Committee for Social Affairs in the Israeli Parliament in Jerusalem.

Nir advises and lectures citizen organizations, entrepreneurs, government bodies, and companies.

Dr. Liesma Ose

Expert in social enterprenurshi, politics, European policy, and higher education. Dr. Ose serves as Policy makers’ involvement coordinator for SIRIUS. She focuses of European Policy Network – education of children and young people with a migrant backgr ; Autonomous University of Barcelona. Dr. Ose is a Professor at the Latvian Christian Academy and serves as Chairperson for the Latvian Community Initiative Foundation. In her year in the field of higher education she was also an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Dominican University. She has served as an Advisory Board member for AIESEC in Latvia and and was a partner at British Council Latvia. Dr. Ose worked as Program Director for the Soros Foundation in Latvia. Dr. Ose has also volunteerd with the Soros Foundation  in  Latvia for many year providing support to grantees in instances not connected to the project management.

Renat Lokomet

Entrepreneur and investor in various projects, board of directors/councils in companies both in Latvia and the CIS. Has international experience working in various financial institution including leading Baltic bank – Rietumu. Actively participates in supporting the Latvian and Baltic start-up ecosystem as member of the Board of the Latvian start-up association Education: BA in Economics and Communications, MBA and LLM. Is the co-chairman of the Support Council for Economic Cooperation between Latvia and Israel actively supporting Latvian and Israeli initiatives focused at the development of the economic relationships between the countries.

Per Clingweld (Sweden)

CMO JustArrived, Director of Product and Member Growth at Nova. Architect, engineer and innovator who has managed to achieve more in a few years than most people do in a lifetime. His entrepreneurial journey started already at the age of 9 and he wrote his first lines of code already in his early teens. Since then he has been involved in starting many businesses and nonprofit organizations.A key individual in creating the Swedish startup community through bringing what today is the world’s largest community for entrepreneurs – Startup Grind – to Sweden and co-founding Gothenburg Startup Hack. Big fan of values-based leadership and a Co-Founder of the student platform World Values Day. Champion of tech startups Welcome! and JustArrived, built to connect refugees with locals and give them a chance to enter the Swedish labor market. A passion for designing fully scalable communities that empower people globally. Currently based in Stockholm, Director of Product and Member Growth at the global top talent network Nova and in charge of building their Product, Community and Growth organization from scratch.

Dr. Arturs Puga

Experienced in government relations, international affairs, foresight, political science, project and knowledge management. From 1990 to 2002 Dr Puga served at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, was the Ambassador (1999-2002). Since 2003 he is the head of Forward Studies Unit (Riga) dealing with European foresight research and activities. Dr Puga has many years of work experience at higher education establishments and universities as well as in serving as an expert for the EU institutions. His last publication: A. Puga. Will Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Management and Foresight Emerge in a System? In: Recent Developments in Foresight Methodologies. Springer: N.Y., Heidelberg, Dordrecht, London, 2013, pp.165-176.

Cecilia Thuvesson (Sweden)

CharityFit is a social entrepreneurship concept that creates health and teaches social responsibility for the young generation. Through playful exercise in a challenging and fun way they give children and youth a chance to support smaller charities. 50 % of the fee is given to 3 selected miner charities, one of them, HOPE587 helps disabled children in Ukraine. CharityFit has shown her the power of synergy effect and what happens when your values is your compass. CharityFit wants to educate the next generation in social awareness and let them know that they can do something. She also operates as a project manager for World Aid Active a NGO founded by the social multi-entrepreneur Michel Issa, whose passion is to unite people from different backgrounds to show that we belong together, we are one, and to help people in need. World Aid Active operates in India, where the organization is in the process of building a nursing home, as well as in the Middle East where they helps refugees on-site. Cecilia is born and raised in a hardworking furniture making business family in the village where IKEA was founded. She has a Bachelor degree in social work at Lund University / Jönköping University and has run her own staffing company.

Nicklas Wallberg (Sweden)

He is Executive Director of Social Entreprenuership Forum (Sweden). Nicklas has international experience of social entrepreneurship working with program and business development at the School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia. In Australia he also founded the music-fuelled enterprise Tram Sessions. He holds a Bachelor degree in communication. As Executive Director at SE Forum, Nicklas has both a strategic and operational role with the overall responsibility to develop SE Forum and together with the team deliver high quality business acceleration programs in different parts of the world.

Nicholas Murigu (Sweden)

6 years ago Nicholas Murigu left his career as a successful project specialist consultant to focus full time on his passion in changing the world through impact projects and stimulating social entrepreneurship ventures. He is the founder of Platform for Social entrepreneurship and co-founder of a co-working space focused on “bringing together creative people with brilliant idea´s”. After a while on the political arena, he now works in the intersection of civic society, government and regional authorities and business ventures, with the purpose of paving the way for social entrepreneurs. He has a decade of experience as a social entrepreneur, politician and project manager for impact project. A real change maker

Artiomas Shabayevas (Lithuania)

Founder of social business start-up “Teenshapers” in a field of childhood obesity, 1st Prize winner of social innovation for children contest in Lithuania, held by “Reach for change” in 2016,
co-founder and member of the board at Lithuanian association for prevention of overweight and obesity “LOBESITY”, successful entrepreneur, ICF certified life coach, expert in helping
families beat overweight or obesity, consultant for National program to change system of school catering, co-creator&expert at 1st International Social innovation and Entrepreneurship program”CHANGEMAKER’s ON”,
co-creator and implementer of non-formal activities to strengthen school-aged children’s emotional competencies all over Lithuania.

Alena Kalibaba

Start-up evangelist, head of the start-up acceleration programme at the Happy Farm business accelerator (2012-2014, 5 acceleration cycles, 42 start-ups). Head of the Ukrainian Entrepreneurship School of Creative Space Chasopis Partner and co-founder of the online service for parents Clever Parents; Adviser of such start-ups as Newzmate, Coursmos, Recommerce.