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In the international programme for the development of social entrepreneurship New Do(o)r Riga, a score of volunteers who make a contribution to the development both of the programme and to the programme participants’ projects are participating.

New Do(o)r Riga is an international platform of social innovations offering a course of study for a first-time entrepreneur which allows him/her to develop the idea of his/her project into an operating social enterprise.

Within the framework of the training programme, volunteers may become mentors who are involved in the specific project or make their own contribution as experts-consultants to whom the participants may refer specific professional questions (finance, jurisprudence, advertisement, etc). Some volunteers also participate as lectors at the seminars and as round table participants.

A mentor is an experienced professional in his/her line of business who is ready to spend 1-2 hours a month to a first-time entrepreneur by acting as a tutor who supports and guides. The mentor may help the participant both by a useful advice and contacts necessary for the promotion of his/her enterprise.

‘Motivation, support and transfer of experience are important components of mentorship; however, it must be kept in mind that success and promotion in business is in the hollow of a first-time entrepreneur’s hands. The mentor points out the directions which are right from his/her point of view, whereas the decision is independently made by the transferee of experience,’ believes Aiva Vīksna, originator of the mentoring movement in Latvia, Executive Director of Business Information Service and Head of the Association Leader.

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