PresenTense in the world

PresenTense in the world

How would the world change if energetic and creative people were armed with knowledge and contacts?

The PresenTense Group strives to teach creative young people to solve the problems of their community. We are helping you to become aware that the future depends on your ideas and are ready to provide you with all necessary skills to implement what you have intended to.

The PresenTense representative offices are already opened in such cities as new-York, Washington, Boston, Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, Moscow, Kiev, Saint-Petersburg, etc.

Projects developed by PresenTense have received many awards including The Clinton Foundation Award and the Israeli National Telecommunications Company Award.

According to statistics, 63% of the projects launched within the framework of PresenTense continue functioning successfully four years after their launch (Note: as a rule, only 20% of businesses survive the first two years).

At present, 454 young entrepreneurs worldwide are the alumni of PresenTense. Please, join in!